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Hello! I am Kara Utter,  a GIS Consultant who specializes in turning your vision  into reality.

What I do

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to combine geography and data metrics into a single display. You can monitor events, track assets, make decisions, inform others, see trends, and more.

Spatial or Data Analysis

Spatial data analysis refers to a set of techniques designed to find patterns, detect anomalies, test hypotheses and theories, and can often help to find hidden meaning in data.

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection applications allow you to streamline your field work, giving you the abiilty to perform real-time updates to your data platforms, maps, and dashboards.

Map Applications

Map applications allow you to transform your data into compelling and interactive displays that allow you to explore relationships and quickly access important information.

Story Mapping

ArcGIS StoryMaps allows you to customize and present your story in a meaningful way that can integrate maps, narratives, lists, images, videos, embedded items, and other media.


Cartography is the science of drawing maps. Maps can tell a story, show asset locations, help visualize relationships, present analyses, display environmental features, and more.

Driving efficiencies through custom GIS mapping solutions

Examples of my Work

Industry Focus

My GIS work consists of clients in a variety of industries. Contact me to see how I can help you!

  • Local Government
  • State & Federal Government
  • Non profit
  • Natural Resources
  • Land Management

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