Frequently asked questions

how do we maintain and update data, maps and web applications after you create them for us?

Clients are given the option to add on a retainer for Dynamic Visions GIS to process updates of maps, data, and web applications based on the clients’ needs.  However, clients also have the option to add a training session to any contract, which empowers the client to maintain the date, maps, or web applications on their own.

What if we don't have any gis software? how do we obtain gis licensing?

For every project, we facilitate a GIS Needs Assessment. During this assessment, we will help determine the right tools for streamlining workflows and increasing efficiencies for your organization. Understanding what tools will be needed informs us of the licensing you will need to purchase. As part of our services, we can help facilitate the purchase of your licensing and the software setup or installation.

What if we don't have any spatial data?

You don’t need to have any spatial data to start the conversation with us. Our GIS Needs Assessment will help us determine what information you have, whether it exists in Access, SQL, excel spreadsheets, or boxes located in a storage closet. In some instances, clients don’t have any data to start with, but there is almost always a way to find and create the data necessary to fulfill your GIS needs.